A company with a tradition in the travel sector


ANETOURS is one of most reputable private travel companies in Portugal, offering safe, comfortable and convenient solutions for destinations across the country.

Based in Porto and operating in the market for more than 25 years, ANETOURS has been able to renew itself through a range of premium private transport services for business and leisure trips, but also through new extra travel solutions portugal.

Its main advantages are based on its strong investment in vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified and multilingual professional drivers, who provide a personalised service, characterised by maximum safety and punctuality.

The company’s mission is to provide first-class private transport service for its clients, whether corporate or leisure travellers, becoming an increasingly active agent in the development of the private transport services industry in Portugal.

In order to raise its service standards even more, ANETOURS recently expanded into another business area, and now has a travel agency with an equally excellent service.

The company transport services include business class transfers, professional driving services for individuals or companies, and fully customisable historical, cultural and gastronomic tours.

ANETOURS provides highly qualified professional drivers, who are entirely dedicated to make every trip an experience to remember. You can request our services anytime, anywhere.

“Choose your car from our impressive and luxurious Mercedes fleet and experience maximum comfort during your trip.”

The company’s luxury fleet includes a wide range of luxury and high-quality cars, including Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Mercedes-Benz V-Class, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Mercedes-Benz Vito and other vehicles according to your preferences, either in premium or executive class, providing a high level of satisfaction and comfort.

“We like to believe that all of our work is reflected forever in the memories of the people who travel with us.”

Mariana Oliveira


Unforgettable places are those where memories genuinely fit in, where aromas and flavours fill us up completely, where the people we meet treat us like family, where experiences and sensations take us to a universe full of comfort and hospitality.

Unforgettable places are those that ANETOURS strives to offer you, trips that come alive through the beauty of the landscapes, in the fascination for architecture, in the simplicity of those who receive us, in the twists and turns of history, and in the surprise of traditions; in those where pausing is innate and the moments of pure delight are a part of the cadence of the passing hours.

Unforgettable places that ANETOURS reserves for you in the most varied ways, allow you to dream, making you believe in the infinitude of the little pleasures in life. Whether in national or international territory, close or far from home, work or pleasure, ANETOURS brings together the right ingredients for an irresistible recipe and a memorable tasting experience.

And from place to place, this one or that one, from here to there, ANETOURS helps to create moments that you’ll want to remember, even when they already seem to be forgotten. Stories and people, nooks and crannies, details and curiosities provided only by sharing and discovering. Because ANETOURS goes as far as memory can reach.


There are companies that highlight their history according to the determination and resilience with which everyone is committed to their daily tasks. ANETOURS was founded in 1995 by António Oliveira and his wife, Elisabete Oliveira, the living example of excellent work developed over the years.

With a consolidated history as a taxi entrepreneur with unmarked vehicles, a transport service provided to hotels, airline crews and large companies in the region, ANETOURS – AGÊNCIA DE VIAGENS E TURISMO LDA. is a result of the Ibero-American Summit. António Oliveira soon realised that a passenger transport company in luxury sedans and vans would be – and it is – an excellent answer to the significant increase in tourist demand in Porto.

From the very first moment, ANETOURS sought to be a reference company and provide dedicated and high-quality services. The focus on driver training, with the certification of Tourist Drivers in the recently created course at the School of Hospitality and Tourism, made ANETOURS a company with a solid structure and a well-defined growth strategy. It didn’t take many years for a network of self-service tours to be created in Porto, as well as in other places of tourist interest, in the entire northern region, including Braga, Guimarães, Douro, Coimbra and Aveiro.

In 2002, Mariana Oliveira, António and Elisabete Oliveira’s daughter, the current company manager, joined the team, bringing to ANETOURS all the know-how from her Management and Marketing course, while reinforcing the knowledge acquired in the hospitality industry. The initiative for the creation of a Travel Department and a Commercial Department was hers, where strategic partnerships with various tour operators are developed daily, thereby attracting large and well-known clients. This investment in a more organised structure allowed ANETOURS to continuously conquer a prominent position in the sector.

The company currently has 45 employees, divided into four main services: travel agency; passenger transport with a light and heavy fleet; occasional hire [specialised regular service, collective child transport and transfers]; and private tour operators.

Over the last few years, ANETOURS collaborated in events such as the Euro 2004, the reception of Pope Francis in 2017, the Champions League final with a mega operation, and several state protocols and ministerial visits, such as the Ibero-American Summit and more recently the Porto Social Summit.

With the increase of collaborations becoming a reality, ANETOURS has also invested in its car fleet, which is currently comprised of: 55, 39 and 34-seat buses; 25 and 19-seat mini buses; and several light vehicles, such as Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes Vito, Mercedes V-Class, and Mercedes Sprinter.

For the future, ANETOURS is focused on the consolidation of the Anetours Academy to extend continuous training to its drivers, investing in an internationalisation process and applying the digital transformation that is being targeted since 2021, so that even during a time when tourism is going through one of its most troublesome periods due to the COVID-19 pandemic, success continues to be part of its path.


ANETOURS invests in competent employees, with total focus on client satisfaction, having as main concerns:

– Minimising the client’s problems regarding a business trip in an unknown city, the waiting time at the airport, a delayed or cancelled meeting;
– To enhance the client’s experience in the tours performed, through a complete service adjusted to the client’s profile.

Availability 24 hours a day to provide an appropriate and fast response to the client’s requests.

ANETOURS is committed to being a reference partner for companies and individuals in the premium transport segment, developing distinct, versatile and personalised tourism programmes for business or leisure activities, that prompt the valorisation and promotion of Portugal’s cultural, landscape, wine and gastronomic heritage.

ANETOURS, which has always been governed by values such as trust and security, alongside convenience, speed and precision, guarantees a quality service that meets the needs of each client.


ANETOURS is an accredited company in Tourism Transport Services, Transfers and City Tours, with its own booking and personalised transport services, as well as a company licensed by DGTT (Directorate-General for Land Transport) / IMTT (Institute for Mobility and Land Transport).

With its own fleet and official guides, ANETOURS guarantees all the conditions for smooth hospitality where every moment can be enjoyed without concerns, thanks to a personalised support of the teams involved.

ANETOURS is located next to Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, a strategic point for a quick response regarding the arrival and departure of passengers.


– Tourism taxis, vans, minibuses and 55-seat buses
– Tours, conferences, meetings, airport and events
– Private and regular tours in company-owned vehicles
– Separate luggage transport for groups
– Official guides and hostesses
– Walking tours with guides in English, Spanish and French for groups up to 10 participants [subject to availability] [sujeito a disponibilidade]


– Business trips
– Booking of airline tickets [flag and low-cost] [Bandeira e low cost]
– Accommodation [various hotels] [Hotéis diversos]
– Transfers to and from your chosen destination
– Leisure trips
– Tour packages [cruises, circuits, Europe, Americas, Africa, Brazil, etc.]
– Tailor-made tour packages [destinations/combinations as requested by the client] [destinos/combinados conforme pretendido pelo cliente]


ANETOURS believes that the basis of all its work is to help you discover… because it’s in the trips that we make every now and then, or every day, alone or accompanied, domestic or abroad, that we find ways to reinvent time, moments and spaces.

ANETOURS is dedicated to the details, flavours, aromas and rituals of the four corners of the world. It travels in tune with the future, creativity, innovation and audacity of those who do not look away from the essential experiences for the well-being of each one of us.

Now that we are ready and willing to awaken our senses, we want to set off with you to discover several places; we want you to experience new adventures with us; so that the taste for travelling, short or extended, becomes more refined and nothing passes you by. We have not forgotten our roots. We seek other horizons.

Because ANETOURS goes as far as memory reaches.

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