Terms and Conditions

ANETOURS Agência de Viagens e Turismo, Lda

-Client: An entity that hires the car to transport passengers
Passenger: Person who uses the car as a means of transport in their displacement

-Budget / Qualification
Date of beginning and ending
Time start and end
Itinerary: place of origin and destination and intermediate stops
Purpose of the service
Type of vehicle to book;
Extra Services

-The Price includes
Cost of travel of the vehicle;
Expenses in the driver’s empty;
VAT at the prevailing rate in the country (6%)
Tolls, parks, ferries, tunnels and checkpoints;
Validity of the budget-
The budget shall be based on data provided by the customer and are valid for 60 days.

The payment of the transportation service should be done until 48h00 before doing the same, unless otherwise agreed in advance. The payment of the same shall be considered upon receipt;

Reservation and confirmation
Reservations are made through a physical document (e-mail, fax or supply contract) and with a 25% deposit. Confirmation of reservation is subject to availability.

If at the time of booking the company does not have their own vehicles to make the service booked, they can use its strategic partners, subcontracting equivalent vehicles to that effect.

-Cancellation of booking
The cancellation of the reservation made previously implies cancellation charges based on the price agreed.

-Planning the trip:

The planning of a the trip or circuit must have in reference the working conditions of the driver, including driving times and daily and weekly rest according to REG. 561/2006.

-Ranking working day:

Daytime Period: between 08h00 and 20h00;
Night Period: between 20h00 and 08h00;

-Length of service:
Full day normal-10h00, with at least a one hour break for lunch the driver;
Full day maximum-12.00, with a break of at least two hours for lunch the driver;
Half Day -04h00 hours
Night service – 04h00 hours

Overtime will be charged whenever the scheduled duration of the term of the service is not fulfilled;

-2 º driver:
Where the service exceeds the duration of 15hours, 10hours or 4h30hours driving, or driving without a break  of 45minutes, it will be considered a 2nd driver with its supplement.

Night Services – For each hour of service made during night time it is considered one additional hour as supplement;
Weekend and holiday weeks – services performed during this period have a supplement per day;
International – for each night spent abroad, there is a supplement.

 -Change in price:
The price of transportation service is based on the cost of fuel, taxes and others.

-Expenses (s) driver (s):
Driver expenses, such as meals and lodging are paid by the final client, unless otherwise indicated.
The accommodation will be considered in a single room with toilet.

-Unforeseen situations:

Unexpected changes
Any changes to the program or itinerary, after its beginning, must be authorized and subject to additional costs.
Changing to the route due to obstruction of the roads or adverse weather conditions, and exceeding the Km’s provided, is subject to additional costs;


Where there is a delay attributable to the carrier, it will endeavor to minimize its effects;
In situations of delays caused by others, such as accidents, construction and weather conditions, the carrier will have no liability;

-Replacement of vehicle:

If the vehicle suffers damage in transit, which can not be resolved in time (03hours) for the onward journey, the company will seek another vehicle to replace it.

-Damaged Equipment:
It is the responsibility of the contractor for any damages caused to the vehicle by passengers contracted;

– Lost and Found :
The company and the driver are not responsible for any items missing or left in the vehicle.
Objects found in the vehicle are in the custody of the company for 90 days.

The company is responsible for luggage under the law. Namely loss or damage caused by the vehicle during transport.
The carriage of baggage to and from the bus is the responsibility of the passenger.

-Permanent assistance:
The company is reachable 24hours per day in order to support their customer and the general public, in resolving passengers urgent situations or replacing damaged vehicles.

Passengers must have their identity card / citizen card or passport.


Can only be considered provided they are presented in writing to the company and not later than 20 days after the date of service being made. Complaints can only be accepted if they have been previously advised to the driver or guide and during the trip.

The vehicles have passenger liability insurance in the amount of € 50 million in accordance with the legislation in force, covering any physical damage to the passenger inside the vehicle during the trip,

-Driving times and rest of the driver (Reg. 561/2006)
Conduction time is the sum of all times at which the driver is conducting, stops included less than 15 minutes.
Daily driving time: 09h00
Daily rest: 11:00
Mandatory breaks daily: 45minuts after 4h30hours consecutive driving;
Weekly rest: after six days of daily driving;
-Duties of the passenger:
It is compulsory to wear seat belt;
It is forbidden to walk when the car is in motion;
Smoking is prohibited inside the vehicles;
It is forbidden to carry large volumes inside the vehicle;
The front 2nd seat (guide seat) can only be occupied by a professional – official guide or driver;
For safety and hygiene reasons there should be no eating or drinking inside the vehicle;

Transportation-The group of children, under 16 years (Apply the law of collective transport of children):
Each child occupies a seat;
One escort for each group of 30 children;
Children under 12 can not occupy the 1st row seats;
The escort should use the vest and signaling paddle when crossing the street.


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